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Reasons Not to Listen to Listful Thinking’s First (And Hopefully Last) Podcast, Which Features a List of Lists

If you’re feeling particularly masochistic today, you can visit the blog’s first podcast, but I have several reasons why you should try to refrain.

  1. I don’t know where its intro went. It was pretty cool. There were drums and I said something like, “I’m Stephanie and THIS is Listful Thinking”, with that kind of emphasis and everything. Somewhere between my desktop and the internet, I have misplaced it.
  2. I talk for almost seven minutes about potential list topics. It’s literally a list of lists, and it’s not interesting.
  3. I start to lisp.
  4. I tell the internet to suck it before it tries to make fun of my voice.
  5. My voice is definitely worth making fun of. I have all these weird pauses and I emphasize the wrong syllables, kind of like Christopher Walken, but way, way, way, less cool. Plus, why is it so scratchy? Has it always been kind of scratchy? What is going on here, vocal cords?
  6. There are like two kind of funny jokes. Otherwise it’s kind of my rambling to myself.

Long story short, it’s kind of a mess, and I think I’ll avoid podcasts whenever possible in the future. But BAM! Assignment done.