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Shut Your Mouth

I was running through my mental To-Do list earlier today (clean fridge, buy milk, dust turtle, etc.) when I started wondering about To-Don’t lists. I think everyone has a To-Don’t list, whether they’re aware of it or not. Mine varies from day-to-day, but it always has a few old standbys.


1. Don’t Die

2. Don’t Panic

3. Don’t Talk about Fight Club

3. Don’t Stop Believin’

4. Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina

5. Don’t Be Stupid

Lately I haven’t been following my To-Don’t list very well at all. I recently realized that my blatant disregard for Point #5 (Don’t Be Stupid) was making me pretty anxious, which goes directly against Point #2 (Don’t Panic). I was doing so much panicking, in fact, that I had almost convinced myself I was on the verge of neglecting Point #1, the cardinal don’t: Don’t Die.

Don't Stop Believin'

Happily, I never once stopped believin’.

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