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Eight Possible Reasons Kate Gosselin Decided to Have Eight Kids

1. Thinking of future Christmas cards, she realized how catchy “Jon & Kate Plus 8” would be as a signature.

2. She had eight ugly sweaters lying around and no one to fill them.

3. This way she can almost always drive in the carpool lane.

4. She wanted to purchase a small bus, but it would have looked silly if was just her and her husband.

5. Because hot dogs come in packages of eight, so picking dinner is easy.

6. She’s hoping for 64 grandchildren.

7. If they ever get stranded somewhere with no food, she can eat a couple of them and doesn’t have to feel too bad. Mathematically, if she ate one of her children, she would only be missing 12.5% of her progeny. If a mother of two ate one of her children, that’s a 50% loss.

8. Now that Jon is out of the picture, they can form a family baseball team. But what will they call it?