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Buckets of Rain, Buckets of Tears

Late last week, my brain kind of exploded. I should have known it was about time for my annual existential crisis. I have them so regularly that I should start advertising and selling tickets in advance. This one was kind of my boss’ fault. Well. His fault and Hitler’s.

Adolf Hitler in Yugoslavia.

Like everything bad in this world.

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Craig’s List

Because I’m a grownup, whenever I’m bored in class or during meetings I distract myself with two different games. The first game is called “Who’s Holding In a Fart?”, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. The second game is called “What Would You Look Like If You Were a Muppet?”

I love the Muppets. If I ever tell you you’d make a great Muppet, don’t be offended. It just means I want to have zany shenanigans with you all the time. Everyone has some Muppet qualities, but some people are so Muppet-like that I want to march them down to the Muppet Workshop and volunteer them as models. Craig is one of those people. It might be his eyebrows, or maybe it’s his hand gestures. Whatever it is, Craig would be a fabulous Muppet.

This is a picture of Craig feeling especially patriotic.

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