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Rose Tint My World

My kitchen isn’t bad, as far as kitchens go. Sure, the oven is older than me. Yes, the portable dishwasher sometimes rolls around on its own. I can look past that. Antiques are interesting! Locating the dishwasher is an adventure!

I can’t cook, so my standards are pretty low. Honestly, there’s only one thing that I look for in a kitchen: that it not be pink. I’m even flexible on that, as long as it does not also have lace curtains. For some reason, pink kitchens with lace curtains leave me with the impression that someone’s dead grandmother is haunting the room.

On those two fronts, my kitchen is not doing so hot.

It's even pinker and lacier in real life.

It’s even pinker and lacier in real life.

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Don’t You Know about the New Fashion, Honey?

Social networks are one of the coolest things about the internet (besides the widespread availability of cat pictures, obviously). Sites like Facebook and Twitter really have changed the way we interact, for better or for worse. I love messing around with new trends in social media, but there are some extremely popular sites I simply don’t get. For example, I’m 80% sure FourSquare exists so burglars know when you’re not home, and I keep using Instagram to take pictures of words, which sort of defeats the purpose. There’s one particular site that’s completely beyond me, though, and I resent it.

I will never understand Pinterest.

Pinterest reminds me of high school lockers, except in this case the locker was designed by Martha Stewart and smells amazing. Some people dedicate the inside of their locker door exclusively to pictures of corgis in sweaters. Some people use it to save messages about positive body image, confusingly combined with pictures of people working out until they fall over dead. Some people just post pictures of their hair. One girl is using the inside of her locker door for pictures of David Bowie during his particularly coked-up years because she didn’t understand she was supposed to be collecting recipes for healthy variations on french fries. That girl is me.

Frighteningly-skinny David Bowie and I have no time for your baked zucchini strips.

Frighteningly-skinny David Bowie and I have no time for your baked zucchini strips.

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