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Things That Happened to Me Today

Image representing Barnes & Noble as depicted ...

1) I was hit by not one, but two bicycles. Not just hit, either, but knocked flat.

2) I yelled “Where is your chin?” to my English professor and he heard me.

3) I sniffed an attractive guy because he smelled like my eighth grade boyfriend, and when he gave me a weird look, I told him he smelled like an eighth grader.

4) I calmed my mom down after she called me, frantic, because her church pastor decided to quit and become a professional wrestler named “The Deacon”.

5) I got an email from Barnes and Noble announcing their new self-publishing program with is called “Pubit”. But since I was a teenager not so long ago, I pronounced the name like it rhymed with “pubic” and then giggled inappropriately. I feel like they may not have thought that one through.