Things That Aren’t Food, But Sound Delicious

2006 reissue on Collectables Records.

Image via Wikipedia

Lug nut torque

Doughnut cushion

Muffin top


Cocoa Butter


Vanilla Ice

The Mayo Clinic

Condoleezza Rice

Coco Mademoiselle



Crazy news of the day: Vanilla Ice loses his pet kangaroo (


  1. gteves

    haahhaah..its so true,,they sound so delicious!! never encountered w/ some of the terms.. i’ll for sure check em’out!

  2. Escaping Elegance

    Hmmm… well, technically muffin top is a food. The high-school girl muffin-top was named after an actual muffin top spitting over it’s baking cup. But I agree that Condoleezza Rice sounds really good. I think it would be a bit like Rice-A-Roni.

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