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A new teaser could indicate Nothing is preparing for the launch of its next-generation wireless earbuds.

The London-based company has been busy as of late tweeting some interesting imagery and even a video in relation to something new on the way (via Android Authority). Nothing tweeted an image of a lone beetle with a simple sentence reading "ladybug out, beetle in." The company has also posted a video of the same beetle in the previous tweet crawling along with the tagline "beetle incoming."

While Nothing is nowhere near a novice when it comes to posting odd, cryptic teasers for products, this one is a callback to how the first iteration was promoted. When the Ear (1) was first promoted, Nothing consistently used a ladybug alongside it as part of its promotional content. Now, as it looks like the company's swapped that out for a beetle, perhaps this is an indication that an Ear (2) launch is upon us. Additionally, Nothing has updated its main website with the same beetle promotions seen on Twitter with the line "coming soon" much like it's done prior to previous product launches.

The Nothing Ear (2) gained a bit of spotlight toward the end of January when its renders were leaked. The rumors showed that the Ear (2) could possibly not see much of a design shift away from the original iteration. The earbuds still sport a clear look at the internal workings of the product, keeping true to many of the Nothing brand's releases.

However, some slight changes in these leaked renders were spotted, with one displaying the microphone's positioning had shifted much closer to its stalk. Some other internal elements have changed, as well, while other areas have remained simply transparent. Aside from the leaked renders, much else isn't really known. As Android Authority points out, the Ear (2) should receive some sizable advancements over its previous version. One of these upgrades may be a customizable ANC which is a fantastic feature on some of the best wireless earbuds on the market.

Source: Nothing Official Twitter

Via: Android Authority