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Nanoleaf has been around for a decade, introducing new and elaborate lighting setups that can be used for your home, office, or even specialized areas like a game or movie room. While the possibilities really are endless when it comes to designs, there was always a pain point, which required users to stick with only one brand of product, sometimes making it hard to create the perfect lighting setup. However, with the introduction of Matter, companies have been able to introduce a line of products that can be mixed and matched, making it easier to combine smart home solutions from different brands.

As you can probably imagine, Nanoleaf also made commitments to Matter enabled products late last year, and the firm is now introducing its latest lineup, an updated Essentials line. As far as what's going to be available, the company is going to offer two products, its Essentials Matter-enabled light strip and its A19 bulb. The A19 bulb looks like a typical house light bulb, and can be screwed into any compatible E26 base. But, the A19 bulb does have a few tricks up its sleeve, like being able to change colors, and app control.

The Nanoleaf light strip is a bit more involved, and comes with an 80-inch light strip, controller box, and power cable. This light strip can also change colors, with over 16 million options being made available. Furthermore, it also supports being controlled remotely through an app. While there aren't a lot of Nanoleaf Matter enabled light options available for the time being, it's still a good start, especially as Matter enabled products are just starting to arrive to market. If interested, both models from Nanoleaf are going to be priced at $19.99.

Now, if you haven't heard of Matter, the platform is important because it brings a new home standard that allows multiple products to connect together and work seamlessly. Whereas before, you were locked into particular company's ecosystem. Now, with Matter, you have the ability to mix and match products, to get the best results possible. With big companies like Amazon, Samsung, Apple, and many others backing it, this should become a fairly product rich platform, considering that companies have only started releasing devices with Matter support.