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After many months of being it being exclusive to private preview customers only, Microsoft has officially launched its new Loop app and website in public preview today. The news means anyone with a Microsoft account can now enjoy sharing and working on the content from Microsoft services in a single workspace hub, without worrying about jumping between multiple apps and cutting down on their collaboration speed.

You can get to Loop today both on the web and as a mobile app on iOS (though iOS requires Testflight) and Android if you feel the urge to try it out. However, support for personal Microsoft Accounts is not yet fully enabled on the mobile apps. Once logged in with a Microsoft account, you should see that the service is somewhat similar to competing products like Asana or Notion, but with bigger integrations with Microsoft's own services like Word, and PowerPoint.

For those unable to try it, check it out in the video below. Basically, with Loop, you get a single real-time collaboration experience to import tasks, documents, and other projects with your coworkers, with suggestions for projects you're working on in other Microsoft services. There are even templates that you can check out, and up to 50 people at once can work on a Loop. Loop projects happen in what's known as a workspace, and you even can email and share your Loop page, with changes saving as you share it. It might be useful for situations where you'll want to see different document types side by side, too.

The Loop apps and website isn't to be confused with Loop components, which are co-authored things like lists and paragraphs that have already been available in other apps like Microsoft Word, Teams, and even Outlook on Windows. Loop components are what make the Loop app amazing.

Source: Twitter