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Chris Wedel is a fan of all things tech and gadgets. Living in rural Kansas with his wife and two young boys makes finding ways to get and stay online tricky. By utilizing his years of experience with the tech and mobile communications industries — success is assured. When not conquering connectivity challenges and testing new gadgets, Chris enjoys cruising a gravel road in his UTV with some good tunes.

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Starlink satellite roof mounted view from the back-2

Starlink internet is going from rural savior to unreliable luxury

Starlink satellite internet has afforded me and others opportunities in a connected world. But recently has become an expensive liability.


When SpaceX's residential satellite internet company, Starlink, was first introduced, I had high hopes. Legitimate high-speed internet isn't widely available where I live in rural Kansas. Over the past 11 years, I've had to make do with an OG Verizon data-only plan for a hotspot, HughesNet satellite internet, US Cellular home internet, local fixed wireless, T-Mobile Home Internet, and more. But as of spring 2021, I have primarily relied on Starlink to provide internet to my home.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra back (1)-1

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review: Refined to near perfection

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is a more refined Galaxy S22 Ultra, and while it might have features you don't need, it's one of the best.


Samsung is back with a brand-new batch of flagship smartphones in the Galaxy S23 series, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra leading the pack. This is the first non-folding Samsung phone I’ve used since the Galaxy S10, but ever since the first Galaxy Ultra phone came out with its crazy Space Zoom camera feature, I’ve been itching to try one out for myself. The wait has been totally worth it.

HONOR Magic5 Pro back of phone

Honor Magic 5 Pro impressions: On the path to greatness

The Honor Magic 5 Pro has been unveiled to the world. While it's not yet available, we can see that there is a lot of potential here


Honor was known for making midrange phones for years while it was still a part of Huawei. With its separation from Huawei to become a standalone brand in 2021, Honor is pushing further into the flagship space to battle for the best smartphone title — and the newly announced Magic 5 Pro is here for the next step.

Honor Magic 5 Pro on top of retail box-1

Honor Magic 5 Pro unboxing: You get more than most

Honor unveiled the new Magic 5 Pro flagship at MWC, and we've got one in hand. What do you get with the new phone? Let's unbox it and find out.


MWC 2023 was a big one for Honor. It had quite a few announcements, some of which we already knew about in some form, like the Magic VS. But the star of Honor's event was the new Magic 5 Pro. This flagship phone introduces many new hardware and software features, from the highly-anticipated Star Wheel Triple Camera system with a new Millisecond Falcon Capture algorithm and AI Motion Sensing Capture to the Quad-Curved Floating Screen. Honor is going all out with the Magic 5 Pro to offer an impressive user experience.

ESR Shock Armor Kickstand Case - Galaxy S23 Ultra - 2

ESR Kickstand Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 review: My favorite integrated kickstand case

A kickstand in a phone case isn't new, but the way ESR does it is unique, and the way all cases should integrate it.


A lot of cases serve a single function: to protect your device. However, there are options out there that offer other features like credit card slots, increased water resistance, extreme drop protection, and more. One feature that's always interested me is a built-in kickstand, but this usually means the case is extra thick to incorporate it, the kickstand adds a bump to the phone, or it's just plain ugly. Enter ESR.

Garmin Bounce on tire swing-1

Garmin Bounce kids smartwatch review: Will make both kids and parents happy

The Garmin Bounce isn't a flashy smartwatch for kids, but it performs as advertised, making is great option for families.


As a parent in 2023, it can be difficult help my kids use connected devices safely. But because my kids love being on the go, I want to have a way to keep tabs on and communicate with them. Sure, I could just get my kids a smartphone, like the Gabb Phone Plus, but sometimes a phone is more than a kid needs or a parent wants. That's where a smartwatch designed for kids can be a great option, and the Garmin Bounce is a solid choice.


Interview: OnePlus looks to the future, leans on its heritage, and does away with 'Pro' models

OnePlus is changing things up with the OnePlus 11, a flagship-tier phone at a lower price — and without a Pro model. Team members tell us why.


It's the start of a new year, and that means new devices from some of the top brands in mobile. One of those companies getting in on the action early is OnePlus. Not only are we getting a new smartphone in the OnePlus 11, but we're also getting new OnePlus Bud Pro 2 earbuds and the OnePlus Pad tablet.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra unboxing: The phone offers a lot, but the box is a different story

Samsung has packed a lot of excellent features into the new Galaxy S23 Ultra, but what did it pack inside the box?


The wraps have officially come off of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 devices. While there have been changes across the entire lineup, the Galaxy S23 Ultra not only got the most changes but also packs the most features into its svelte frame. We've had a chance to go hands-on with the device before the announcement on Feb. 1, but I have one in hand now!

Motorola Moto G Play 2023

Moto G Play (2023) review: A former budget king struggles to remain relevant

The new Moto G Play is here to battle it out in the budget Android category, but there may have been too many compromises to stand a chance.


Admittedly it has been quite a while since I have spent a significant amount of time with a budget smartphone, and the last time I used a Motorola device was the Moto Z Play from 2016. Going into my review of the new Moto G Play (2023), I knew I'd have to temper my expectations for how the device would perform as my daily driver after using high-end flagships like the Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. So, how did the budget-minded Moto G Play (2023) fare? About as expected.

Google Pixel Watch with Google Assistant listening

How does the Pixel Watch keep pulling me back despite its shortcomings?

I like all kinds of smartwatches. But the Pixel Watch has somehow become my favorite, and I don't really know why.


Smartwatches have evolved a lot over the years, and I've used a couple dozen of them, starting with the original Samsung Galaxy Gear and MotoActv. However, I recently thought about how, when looking over the list of best smartwatches, I've always picked the largest option. I have big wrists, so I figured since I have the space, I should utilize it with a more prominent display so I can have more information displayed at once. Plus, bulkier watches tend to have larger batteries. Not only does a bulkier watch have a more sizable screen, but also generally has a larger battery.

CES 2023 Awards

XDA's Best of CES 2023 Awards: Our favorite gadgets from the show

CES 2023 was packed with cool announcements, including two dual-screen laptops, 3D OLED displays, and more. Here are our favorites.

By and

Every year, CES wows us with cool new tech products, whether it's showing off laptops, phones, smart home devices, or just flashy gadgets. CES 2023 was no different, and there was a lot to work through this year. Thankfully, there were many devices we loved to see. From a laptop with two screens to one with a 3D OLED display, companies brought all kinds of cool tech to CES 2023, and we're here to tell you our favorites.


Gabb Phone Plus software review: Almost too simple

Not all smartphones are safe for kids, mainly because of software and internet access. The Gabb Phone Plus aims to resolve those issues.


Kids and teens want smartphones. While teens might have a better idea of why they want a phone and what they would use it for, the dangers are still there regardless of age. That's why it's important to use a smartphone designed for kids from a trustworthy source. Gabb Wireless is a U.S.-based brand that provides both devices and custom software to help parents feel more confident handing over smartphones to their kids.


Nanoleaf expands its RGB lighting prowess into new products at CES

Nanoleaf already offers some of the most unique smart lights on the market, and it is only expanding that catalog at CES 2023 this week.


These days it seems that smart lights are a dime a dozen. But Nanoleaf has always stood out with its unique approach to the type and style of lighting fixtures it offers. If you've seen wall panel lights with vibrant colors and seamless transitions between colors in your favorite YouTube or gamer's videos, there's a good chance Nanoleaf makes them. With CES 2023 kicking off this week, it only makes sense that the company would have something new to show off — and does it ever. Nanoleaf is unveiling new products and updates of some existing ones to give smart lighting fans even more to be excited about in 2023.


Fitbit Sense 2 review: A fantastic wearable that straddles the line between two worlds

The Fitbit Sense 2 is walking a very fine line between being a smartwatch and a fitness tracker — great at one but not so much at the other.


Fitbit is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to fitness and health-related wearables — and it has been for years. Google purchased Fitbit back in 2019, though it wasn't finalized until 2021, and had stated that Fitbit would release a Wear OS watch. The Fitbit Sense 2 is the latest smartwatch from the brand, and it doesn't run Wear OS. Instead, it uses a refreshed version of Fitbit OS. Though I've never owned a Fitbit, I have preferred a more complete smartwatch experience that includes an expansive app catalog that coordinates with my smartphone. But the Sense 2 is an intriguing device that offers shades of a Wear OS device but with better battery life, dedicated fitness features, and a large community of fellow Fitbit users.


Google Pixel 7 vs Google Pixel 6a: Which one should you buy?

While both smartphones offer excellent value, one may have enough of an edge to get you to spend the extra money.


Google's smartphone lineup has transitioned quite a bit from the Nexus days. Since the dawn of the Pixel, Google has made major strides in offering Android fans better hardware, cameras, and unique software experiences that can't be found anywhere else. 2022 brought us two — technically three — great new smartphones from Google, with the Pixel 6a released in July and the Pixel 7 series in October.

Google Pixel 7 Pro with the Google Lens logo

Google Lens just became slightly less accessible on Pixel phones

There is still a way to access Google Lens in the Pixel camera app, but it just takes a few extra taps to get there.


Google's visual search tool, Google Lens, debuted in 2017. Since then, the app has picked up quite a few new tricks and gotten much better at recognizing images to provide helpful contexts based on what it sees. Besides being a useful smartphone tool, Google Lens has branched out to work on desktops thanks to its integration with Chrome. While Google has found a few different ways to provide access to the app on phones, it has decided to make it just a bit more confusing on Pixels.


All the OK Google commands and How to use them

The Google Assistant is an amazing tool that's within reach of any user. And today, we're showing you the essential Ok Google commands.

By and

Google Assistant is a very powerful tool we should all learn to wield properly. Even if you're not deeply invested in the Google ecosystem, it's still a nice tool to have, as it's one of the most flexible and capable voice assistants, not just for Android but for nearly any device in general. Nowadays, it's integrated into phones, TVs, tablets, smart home devices, smartwatches, and can even be triggered from headphones! But what exactly is the extent of Google Assistant? What exactly can you do by saying "OK, Google" and talking to your smartphone?