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Hello, I'm a senior editor at XDA, covering mostly mobile hardware. I've been covering the mobile scene for eight years, during which I've done everything from attend Apple launch events in Cupertino, cover Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to visiting smartphone manufacturing lines in Shenzhen and Seoul. 

Before covering tech, I was a "traditional" journalist, writing features in print newspapers — remember those? — and magazines for outlets such as the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Wall Street Journal, South China Morning Post, among others.  

On the side, I also run a tech review YouTube channel, Youtube.com/bensgadgetreviews 

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a graphic showing iphone 14 and oneplus 11

OnePlus 11 vs iPhone 14: Who needs the Pro moniker?

If you want a flagship phone that skips over the "Pro" bells and whistles for a lower price, these two are among the best options


If you're looking for a new phone but find the four-digit pricing of top-tier flagships like the Galaxy S23 Ultra a bit high, a great option is to simply buy the lower-tier flagship device without the "Pro" moniker. These non-Pro flagship devices tend to still be flagship phones in terms of their processors, displays, and main cameras. They're just usually missing some of the extra bells and whistles seen in Pro phones, like an extra zoom lens, stylus, or "Dynamic Island." In fact, OnePlus declined to release a "Pro" model phone this year citing similar reasons: that its standard OnePlus 11 is enough of a flagship. The same goes for Apple's iPhone 14, which shares a lot of features with its Pro and Pro Max siblings.

samsung galaxy s23 ultra and vivo x90 pro plus standing up on a table

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Vivo X90 Pro+ camera test: Two camera titans duke it out

With four cameras, including a pair of zoom lenses, Vivo's X90 Pro+ is the only phone to truly match the S23 Ultra lens for lens


Samsung's Galaxy S Ultra phone has been the alpha dog of the Android phone scene for the past four years, and the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra continues the trend. But within the niche Android enthusiast community — a group that is open to importing phones and actually enjoys reading and discussing phones in XDA forums or Reddit — Vivo has been garnering interest. Most people haven't heard of Vivo, but its X flagship phones have a superb camera system backed by Zeiss optics.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in green and Xiaomi 13 Pro in black standing upright on a table.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Xiaomi 13 Pro camera test: Large sensor or more megapixels?

The two most high-profile Android releases of 2023 so far duke it out in a camera shootout.


What's more important in digital imaging, sensor size or megapixel count? Now's as good a time as any to find out because the two most high-profile Android releases of 2023 so far also happen to bring new camera systems headlined by main cameras that have taken those opposite paths. Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra packs a new 200MP main camera, while Xiaomi's 13 Pro uses a 1-inch type sensor. Xiaomi's sensor is significantly larger than the S23 Ultra's 1/1.3-inch sensor, but Samsung's camera can produce shots with four times as many pixels as Xiaomi's.


Best AT&T phones in 2023

Looking into getting a new phone on AT&T? We have you covered. This is our list of the best AT&T phones currently available! Check it out!


AT&T has superb nationwide network coverage, so it's naturally one of the most popular. That's good news for those of you who are itching to upgrade phones because AT&T has a large selection of devices with plenty of deals also on offer. Whether you're looking for the latest bleeding-edge flagship, a good value mid-tier device, or a budget phone, AT&T has something for you. To ensure carrier compatibility, every phone listed here is directly available through AT&T. If you're not necessarily tied to AT&T, you can check out our Best Phones list for some devices that aren't available on AT&T.

Best wireless earbuds in 2023

In the market for a new pair of true wireless earbuds? Then read on, because we've compiled a list with some of the best ones out there.


For many of us, a set of earbuds are a must-carry item whenever we leave the house. In recent years, true wireless audio technology has improved by leaps and bounds, allowing for high-fidelity sound and nearly latency-free audio playback from your source device. And with prices plateauing or even dropping, now may be a good time to jump on board the wireless earbud era if you're still tethered by wires. If you have been on board and are looking to upgrade, there have been some great releases in recent months, with further improved active noise cancelation (ANC) and transparency mode, as well as other smart features.

Honor CEO George Zhao standing with Honor flagship phones: Magic 5 Pro and Honor Magic Vs.

Honor CEO on going global with foldables and making Europe its 'second home market'

Honor had quite a showing at the 2023 Mobile World Congress. Its CEO spoke to XDA about its new flagship strategy and expanding its reach.


This year marks Honor's 10th anniversary, but the Chinese tech company still feels and behaves like an upstart new brand eager to prove itself — and that's because it sort of is. Its first seven years happened under Huawei's massive shadow, which meant the brand was relegated to sub-brand status. Then came the U.S. sanctions on Huawei, which also crippled Honor's appeal throughout most of 2019 and 2020.


Tecno Phantom V Fold hands-on: Surprisingly solid hardware from a little-known brand

We continue to be impressed by Tecno's flagship efforts.


A new foldable phone just launched at Mobile World Congress 2023, and chances are you haven't heard of the brand before. Tecno, a Chinese brand, has actually been making mobile phones since 2006, but up until two to three years ago, it focused almost exclusively on selling ultra-budget phones in Africa. It doesn't even sell in its home country. Over the past few years, Tecno began expanding to other markets such as Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East.

Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 10.38.08 PM

Exclusive: These are Xiaomi's new Wireless AR Smart Glasses, and they look like they're from the future

Xiaomi's AR Smart Glasses are a prototype not meant for commercial release right now, but the hardware feels more than ready


Mobile World Congress is an exciting trade show for mobile enthusiasts because it's not just a launching ground for commercial-ready products, but also a place where some of the world's top tech brands show off prototypes or ideas for future products. And while Xiaomi just held an actual launch event for its Xiaomi 13 series two days ago, it had another surprise announcement today: a pair of augmented reality glasses with more advanced technology than any existing AR glasses currently on market.


Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera deep dive: 200MP sensor and all shooting modes explained

The S23 Ultra adds a whopping 200MP camera to an already highly versatile camera system. But what can all those lenses and megapixels do?


Ever since the line debuted in 2020, Samsung's "Ultra" phones have been bleeding-edge, everything-but-kitchen-sink mobile devices that offered the best (or nearly the best) of everything, from display tech to silicon to memory standards. But it's the camera system that has truly set the Samsung Ultra apart from other best phones in the world, particularly in North America.


MacBook Pro 16 (2023, M2 Max) review: A powerful, super efficient, expensive laptop

Apple has some new laptops, and the largest and most powerful one is a beast packing more power than most of us — including me — needs.


Except for the notch and perhaps the weight, nobody had anything bad to say about Apple's 2021 16-inch MacBook Pro running on Apple's M1 Max silicon. It was fast, powerful, efficient, and even brought back all the fan-favorite features Apple had previously stripped away, such as slots for HDMI and SD cards. Even for someone like me who's quite vocally anti-Apple when it comes to smartphones, I couldn't deny the M1 Max MacBook Pro's greatness. After I returned my review unit to Apple, I purchased my own the next day, and it's been my main work machine since. It may be the happiest I've ever been with a tech purchase in half a decade.


Oppo Find N2 Flip review: A worthy challenger to the Z Flip 4

Oppo's clamshell foldable phone is finally reaching a wider international audience after its China launch, but is it enough against the competition?


If you wanted a foldable phone over the past several years, chances are your only options were a Samsung Z Fold or Z Flip. Foldables from other brands (all Chinese), for whatever reason, have stuck to selling only inside China. This made for an odd situation where the foldable phone scene was highly competitive in one country. Everywhere else, there's a monopoly operated by Samsung.


Best Android phones in 2023

Need a new phone? Look no further than this selection of best android phones you should buy, including the best from Google, Samsung and more!


Last year could have been considered a year of iterative upgrades for Android flagship devices — especially in the U.S. market. This year should be more exciting, with more foldables coming and new cutting-edge camera hardware making its way to slab phones. Samsung got the ball rolling with the Galaxy S23 series, headlined by the Ultra model's 200MP camera, OnePlus released a highly polished all-rounder at a good price, and Oppo launching a foldable phone outside the China market (sorry, Americans, it's not coming stateside however). Google, of course, will have the Pixel 8 series, and rumors say even a foldable. This year is certainly going to be a bit more exciting than 2022 in the Android scene.


OnePlus Buds Pro 2 review: Great sound and looks, but lacking ANC

OnePlus' new earbuds brings all the features a modern set of wireless earbuds should, but is it enough to challenge the likes of the AirPods Pro?


OnePlus recently launched a new phone, the OnePlus 11, that is priced reasonably well and offers performance that punches above its price class. So do the OnePlus Buds Pro 2, which launched alongside the phone, fare similarly?

Image showing a few good phones, overlaid under the text

Best phones in 2023

Want a new smartphone and are overwhelmed with options? Here's our expert guide on the best smartphone for you.


This year 2023 is off to an exciting start for smartphones, as Samsung released its Galaxy S23 series with the top model bringing a jaw-dropping 200MP camera, OnePlus returning to its roots with a very polished "almost flagship" at an affordable price, and Oppo and Honor launching foldable phones in Europe and throughout Asia. That 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor that helped Xiaomi and Vivo win acclaim will also make its way to more flagships in 2023. All that talk of smartphones being boring seems overblown.


Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED review: A glimpse into the future of PCs

The Zenbook 17 Fold OLED is versatile and unique, but it needs polish and a price drop.


If there's one thing tech geeks can all agree on, it's that having more screen is always better. No one would ever claim working off a 12-inch screen is better than working off a 15-inch screen. But laptops can't just keep increasing in size the way TVs or monitors can because they must maintain portability (and the ability to fit inside bags). So most of the best consumer laptops have settled on a 13-inch screen, with more ambitious machines going for 16 or 17 inches.


OnePlus 11 vs Google Pixel 7 Pro: Which flagship should you buy?

OnePlus' new flagship is a return to form, but how does it fare against Google's current top dog?


OnePlus 11 is a return to form of sorts for the company. After trying its hand at the premium market, it has once again created a flagship-level phone with the newest Qualcomm processor and excellent build quality but sold at a less-than-top-tier price of $699. In North America, it's positioned to be a worthy alternative to Samsung's just-launched Galaxy S23 series and Google's Pixel 7 series, not to mention being in contention for one of the best phones of 2023.


OnePlus 11 review: A polished 'almost flagship' at non-flagship price

The OnePlus 11, at $699, is a good value proposition against Samsung's Galaxy S23 series, but the existence of the Google Pixel 7 makes things tricky


When the OnePlus 11 hit the market almost two months ago, it was one of the first new Android phones of the year, and while we liked the phone a lot, we didn't have other devices against which to compare. Now that the spring release flood of Android brands (outside North America) has just about wrapped, and we have a better overview of the entire Android smartphone scene in 2023, we can say that the OnePlus 11 has held up very well against higher priced competition, and many of us at XDA think it's the most underrated phone on the market right now.


Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 review: How much extra would you pay for silence?

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 has one major selling point: the best active noise cancelation.


Wireless earbuds are a dime a dozen these days, and overall standards have improved so much that you could pick up a $30 pair of wireless earbuds and get at least decent audio and solid connection. If you pay above $99, you're going to get a good pair with quality sound, solid construction, and perhaps even active noise cancelation (ANC). So the big question for me when I was asked to review the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 wasn't whether the earbuds are any good — of course they are! — but rather, "do these things justify the high $300 price tag?".

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 2

Samsung Galaxy S23 series: Pricing, release date, and everything we know about 2023's flagships

Samsung's Galaxy S series flagships are next in line for an update.

By , , and

Samsung's new flagships in the Galaxy S series lineup are finally here, and they all represent the best of what the company offers in 2023. We once again have three new phones in the lineup, each offering something different at various price points. If you're looking to buy one of these flagships, you've come to the right place. We finally have all the information you need on specifications, pricing, release dates, and more, so here's everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.


Boox Tab Ultra review: The most powerful E Ink tablet, but at what cost?

The Boox Tab Ultra is the most capable E Ink tablet on the market, but it's priced so close to an iPad Air that it will be a tough sell for most.


Android tablets have improved significantly in the past couple of years, and good ones like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra can perhaps suit the needs of some power users more than even the best iPad. But the reality remains that Apple's iPads are more polished and enjoy far higher mainstream popularity. Go to any coffee shop in America, and 90% of the tablets you see are likely iPads.

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