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Microsoft has announced two big upgrades for Bing. Now available in the AI-powered Bing chat experience is Bing Image Creator, which is powered by a version of the DALL∙E model to help you generate images with your own words. Also available in the standard Bing search are AI-powered visual stories and knowledge cards.

Available for anyone who already has access to the Bing preview experience, the new Bing Image Creator is quite the experience. To get started with it, you can enter Bing chat creative mode and type out what you'd like to see images with the "draw an image" or "create an image" prompt. You technically don't even need to go to the webpage to do this, either, as the feature is integrated directly into the Microsoft Edge sidebar with a simple click of the Bing Image creator icon. Microsoft seemed proud of this and mentioned that they're the first and only browser with this feature.

If you're wondering, yes, Microsoft is using what it calls an "advanced version" of the DALL∙E model to power these results. It believed that there now should be, "no limits to what you search and create," according to Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi. This isn't too surprising, considering Microsoft's partnership with OpenAI on Artificial intelligence.

Bing chat asking about flowers

As for the new AI-powered visual stories and knowledge cards in Bing, these should now make the search engine a lot more engaging. Microsoft calls these Knowledge Cards 2.0, and you'll see images and short videos, graphs, charts, timelines, and collections of images when searching for certain topics like cities or animals, so you can get facts and important information at a glance. "Our goal is to deliver more immersive experiences in Bing and Edge that make finding answers and exploring the web more interesting, useful, and fun," said Mehdi.

In case you're concerned about the privacy aspect of things, there are safeguards in place so that the Bing Image Creator can't be abused. There are controls that limit the creation of harmful or unsafe images, and prompts for such creations will be blocked, and Bing chat will give the user a clear warning. There are also clear markings on each generated image with a Bing icon in the left corner to show that it's been created using this generator.

Source: Microsoft