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The OnePlus lineup for 2023 is looking quite strong with heavy hitters like the OnePlus 11, Buds Pro 2, OnePlus Pad, mechanical keyboard, and more. While it has a ton of great deals surrounding its smartphones, it looks like it's wanting to push things a bit further with its latest promotion, giving those potentially interested in the OnePlus 11, a 100-day grace period when it comes to returning it. That's right, for a limited time, you're going to be able to purchase the smartphone directly from OnePlus, and you'll get to use the device for 100 days without worry. If you're not satisfied with it, you can just return it without any kind of penalties.

The firm is calling its latest offer the “100 Days No Regret” program, giving users 100 days to try out the phone and see if it's for them. If it's not, you can just start the return process to get your refund. Now, you don't have to immediately purchase the smartphone on March 20, as the company is giving users a full month to make a decision and purchase the smartphone. Just to be clear, as long as you purchase the smartphone from OnePlus direct any time between March 20 and April 20, 2023, it will be covered under the 100-day program. You can check out the full details of the program by hitting the link in the source.

As mentioned before, in addition to the OnePlus 11, the company also recently unveiled its latest wireless earbuds, along with its first ever Android tablet, the OnePlus Pad, which preorders are slated to start on April 10. For the most part, while it seems like OnePlus has a lot on its plate, but it seems to have created a relatively tight product lineup for 2023. While the OnePlus 11 didn't get the highest marks for smartphones released so far this year, it still manages to offer a lot of value, and most importantly, it was a return to its core of offering a pretty good smartphone at a reasonable price. So if you want to give it a try, now's going to be the best time, as you won't see an offer like this anytime soon.

OnePlus 11

The OnePlus 11 is the company's return to form, offering an almost-flagship experience at a lower price point than what Samsung charges.

Source: OnePlus