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XDA is the world’s largest online tech community. We cover everything that matters in mobile tech, from phones to laptops and more. We review all the latest gadgets and gear and create useful guides that help you do more with the tech you own.

Looking for the perfect Android phone? Curious how Apple’s latest watch really stacks up? XDA has you covered. And if there’s ever a major Android security vulnerability, you’ll learn about it first on XDA. It’s no wonder why 30 million people browse XDA every month, or why 11 million users have signed up for accounts on the world-famous XDA Forums.

XDA isn’t just a great resource for our readers. We’re also a welcoming and rewarding workplace. Simply put, if you live and breathe tech like we do, we want you to join our content team.

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Careers at XDA

  • Computing PC Hardware Writer

    This position will operate on a remote basis within the U.S.

    Are you an experienced blogger with a knack for cutting through the fat and extracting the beating heart of a story in a flash? Oh, and do you have a passion for everything PC?

    XDA is looking for a Computing PC Hardware Writer to cover relevant and up-to-date informative PC updates and releases, in a fast-paced, collaborative environment

    The XDA team is constantly scouring the Internet for the latest mobile, smart home, and computing news, sharing tips, tricks, tutorials, videos, and podcasts, reviewing devices, apps, and games, and keeping track of custom ROMs and hacks.

    Job Responsibilities

    • Ability to contribute reliably and consistency (buying guides, tutorials, and news) under tight deadlines.
    • Willing to input work into our in-house CMS, as well as find and format images, according to our guidelines.
    • Stay up to date on the latest PC hardware news, products and updates.
    • Coordinate with the editorial team for assignments and feedback.

    Application Requirements

    • CV 
    • Cover Letter (tell us why you want to write for us!)
    • 2-3 tech articles you've written that demonstrate your writing abilities

    Applicants must have a self-starter attitude and possess the following requirements

    • Relevant experience in writing and editing in the English language.
    • Ability to think analytically; applauding or criticizing aspects of the news source.
    • Relevant PC building skills and experience.
    • Expert knowledge and broad familiarity of PC’s and PC parts.

    The hiring team at XDA will be back to you as soon as possible if we think you'd make a solid addition to the team. Only applications containing relevant writing samples will be considered.


  • Mobile Writer

    This is a remote, freelance position.

    Do you love phones, tablets, Android (or iOS), and mobile apps? We're looking for a talented, experienced Phones and Tablets Contributor to join the team at XDA. For nearly 20 years, XDA has been helping people do more with their mobile devices, including expanding beyond the core functionality and expert buying advice. 

    The role will begin on a freelance basis with payment per post but there is potential for it to lead to a salaried position.

    To be considered for the role, you must have articles covering mobile news, reviews, or buying guides that have been published elsewhere. In the application, you'll be asked for links to this content, as well as any additional areas of coverage such as:

    • OS Updates
    • Apps
    • Android ROMs and Modding
    • Development
    • Chrome OS and Chromebooks
    • Wearables and Fitness trackers

    The ideal candidate will be able to write all or some of the following types of content:

    • Product and Service Comparisons
    • Buying Guides
    • Features & Op-Eds
    • News
    • Product and Service Reviews
    • Versus Comparisons
    • Roundups & Accessory Guides
    • Tutorials

    If you have expert knowledge about one or more of the above topics and have experience writing about it in a professional capacity, we want to hear from you! 

    Only experienced candidates will be considered for this role.

    Application Requirements

    • CV 
    • Cover Letter (tell us about your past experience as a freelance writer and why you think you'd be a good fit for us).
    • 2-3 relevant published articles.

    Applicants must have a self-starter attitude and possess the following requirements

    • Professional experience as a freelance writer and working with a non-basic CMS.
    • You can submit a minimum of 2,000 words (1 longer article, or multiple shorter articles) per week.
    • A very high standard of written English (native speakers preferred)
    • You can follow guidelines and accept editorial criticism and feedback, and make necessary edits.
    • Knowledge of, or willingness to adapt to, the our writing style.
    • Extensive knowledge of one or more of the above topics.

    We'll prioritize those who also have:

    • A professional camera and the ability to take original photos and/or video.
    • Past experience writing similar content.
    • Being flexible to our needs including writing about a variety of topics across different content types.
    • Knowledge of SEO basics.

    The hiring team at XDA will be back to you as soon as possible if we think you'd make a solid addition to the team.