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Samsung ViewFinity S65UA
Samsung S65UA Ultra WQHD Monitor
$500 $700 Save $200

The Samsung S65U is a 34-inch ultra-wide monitor that features excellent colors, provides crisp details, and has a 1000R curvature for an immersive experience. Furthermore, it has a USB-C port that can provide power to an external laptop.

We're in an era where you have plenty of great options when it comes to monitors, with some of the best monitors being made available for reasonable prices. Samsung's S65U 34-inch curved ultrawide monitor is now on sale, knocking $200 off its retail price, making it a great deal for someone looking for a good monitor that can take anything you can throw at it.

The Samsung S65U is a powerful monitor that can provide amazing visual quality and more importantly, versatility for any user. The large 34-inch display provides plenty of screen real estate and the colors are fantastic thanks to support for HDR10. It has a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440, offers 400 nits of typical brightness, a 100Hz refresh rate, and TUV-certification to keep your eyes feeling as fresh as possible during use. This effect is further enhanced thanks to the monitor's 1000R curvature, which can also provide a more immersive experience when watching movies or playing games.

In addition, the monitor has a USB-C port that can supply up to 90W of power to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The port can also simultaneously provide a display signal, allowing users to reduce the amount of cables used when plugging up a compatible device. The monitor also has a DisplayPort, HDMI port, USB hub, and Ethernet port — making it easy to connect external devices. Furthermore, it offers conveniences like auto switching, making it easy to switch from one source to another when plugging in new devices.

The Samsung S65U is a relatively simple looking monitor that offers a subdued style but packs plenty of features. If you've been looking to get something like this, now's the time, as the discount won't last long.