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Samsung Q60B 85-inch QLED 4K TV
$1600 $2300 Save $700

This 85-inch QLED TV by Samsung offers a beautiful display and tons of features.

If you've been looking to get yourself a massive smart TV, Samsung's 85-inch QLED smart TV is going to be a great option. The TV offers QLED technology, providing vivid colors, deep blacks, and has a ton of smart features that will keep most users happy. The Q60B is now priced at $1,600, which is $700 less than its normal retail price for just a short four hour window.

What makes the Q60B series special is that it uses Quantum Dot technology to provide the best possible colors and images. You'll also get dual LED backlights for improved color tones, along with excellent contrast thanks to the TV's support for HDR. All these enhancements don't strictly just apply to native 4K content, but also can be applied to lower resolution media thanks to the Quantum Processor Lite, that can upscale content to 4K.

For those that are into gaming, you'll get to take advantage of the 120Hz refresh rate and Samsung's Gaming Hub, which will grant access to some of the best game streaming services out right now like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, and more. Furthermore, you'll get easy access to all your favorite content thanks to Samsung Smart Hub, putting all your shows from all your subscribed services in easy reach.

While video will be the stand-out feature for this TV, it also comes with excellent audio capabilities thanks to its spatial audio effects. This can be enhanced even more when paired with a compatible sound bar. As far as the overall look, you're going to get a relatively muted design, but its thin profile will definitely provide the right amount of "wow" factor for all your guests. If interested, be sure to purchase this TV while you can, because this sale won't last long.